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What is inMultifamily?

inMultifamily is a FREE community for multifamily professionals to stay informed about their contacts and industry.


Our Mission is to connect everyone in the Multifamily Industry. Visit inMultifamily Click Here


It’s like Facebook and LinkedIn all in one for the Multifamily Industry. Multifamily professionals can now stay connected with their colleagues and stay informed of industry insights. Leaders engage and share with their connections, post status updates on their wall, read and write blogs, share videos, events, photos, answer questions and much more!


In today's world, live conversations are taking place all over the internet. These conversations are taking place in social networks all over the country on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We all have relationships in the multifamily business and a brand to express. Most people want to stay connected to their friends, mentors, colleagues and people that have helped grow their career.


Until now, Facebook and LinkedIn were the only options for multifamily professionals to stay connected. The larger social networks are becoming so big that people are getting lost in the mix. We also know that many professionals hesitate to engage on these networks because they don’t want to mix business with pleasure.


We have created a safe community for multifamily professionals to engage each other in a personal way while keeping it professional at the same time - like a business cocktail party.


Our membership is free to the apartment professional - providing them with the connection benefits of LinkedIn, and the engagement elements of Facebook. For the first time, multifamily professionals can stay connected with their colleagues and stay informed about the industry.

The power of the inMultifamily network- Bring only your multifamily contacts- You get Facebook back!

product 2If you are like most, you have a Linkedin profile, facebook account and have explored a bit on Twitter. We believe these networks are powerful tools for the social world we live in today. The challenge is these networks become bigger and bigger everyday and it's becoming more and more dificult to manage your network.


it's not about the number of connections you have, it's the quality of those connections.


With your inMultifamily member account you have the ability to have a single profile that all your multifamily friends can view. Our members build out their profile and provide links to their other social communities like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin. This makes managing your contacts very easy. And since our community was created by multifamily professionals, you will always know that we will have you in mind as we develop new innovative ways for you to stay connected to people and opportunities.


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All the tools for you to stay connected
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All from your phone! Invite your network -Get Connected Questions & Answers- Photos
Post Status Updates, View the Wall, View Profiles, receive notifications, send and receive messages and more!

Invite your contacts from an address book (gmail, yahoo, etc) or social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, twitter) and stay connected with Multifamily friends.

Share your photos and discussions about what's happening in and around our industry


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