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The Cover Letter for Apartment Professionals

posted: 2011-09-07

The cover letter is where you really shine in the job application process. In my many years operating multifamily real estate companies, most of my best hires were without resumes. What I mean is that sometimes new placements came from referrals or within my network. You never know when you will need someone and I always tried to add value to my multifamily network before I called upon them. No one likes to be treated like a vending machine. So adding value to your collegues is important, then they are more likely to help you when you are in a pinch. This goes for recruiters as well. As far as finding the right person, I believe everyone has something valuable to share within a company- everyone is valuable and everyone is needed in some capacity.

It's the leaders responsibility to anticipate external customer expectations while unlocking employee potential and translating those expectations into employee actions. This is how customer expectations are met. Having someone on your team that can execute these actions is critical.  A good leader isn’t a good leader because he or she knows something; it’s that they know something that will add value to the customer.

This brings me to the cover letter:

When I review cover letters, Iam looking to see if the person really wants the job. I am not a hiring manger or Human Resources expert - I am really just the coach who wants to know how his future players will think and respond to challenges. After all, I can teach just about everything tactical in this business. I am looking to see how much effort is placed on this communication.

About the writer:
Patrick Antrim has experience in high-density multi-family development and property management, including, comprehensive multi-partner interface, accounting, financial reporting, financial modeling, budgeting, and P&L management.  He has a deep understanding on how to build and understand people’s motivations translating behaviors into actions.  He has been on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity for maximizing businesses and human potential for many years. He is an expert in Multifamily Property Management and the Founder & CEO of the inMultifamily Companies.

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